I am now experimenting with the sketching process.

Sketching from memory is quite simple if the scene is not too complicated. I just stare at a scene while taking a rest from some other exercise, and then go bak to my studio/study and do the sketch. Sometimes, returning to the scene and making a direct sketch reveals how much the memory lies or forgets.

Sketching with my left (non-dominant) hand also produces interesting effects. It forces simplification.

I also experiment with the way I hold the pencil.

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The images on white paper were sketched at Mitchell’s Elm, most of those on cream coloured paper were sketched in Frome or Bath. More recent images drawn during the lockdown include Frome Sketchers challenges. I am now doing left hand (non-dominant hand) sketches and sketches from memory. I choose views from my garden and grounds that I have seen many times while I take a rest from sketching.

Some of the sketches were done while on “virtual” painting holiday from photographs and street view.

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